5 rules to check before use jQuery plugin

5 rules to check before use jQuery plugin
5 rules to check before use jQuery plugin

In web development we use many jQuery plugins for make user interface more user friendly. Sometime we select plugin after just check its demo and basic configuration.

But when we start integrate plugin in project we face many issue because of ignoring basic plugin selection rules.

Below are the 5 simple rules that make your plugin selection more easy and fast.

Rule 1: Define feature requirement

First we need to define main feature requirement, for what reason we need to use any jQuery plugin. I.e. For display image slider, for form validation etc.

Rule 2: Is required feature can possible without plugin

Before search for plugin analyse your required feature, is it possible to develop by yourself. E.g. require email validation or hide/show some content. If it possible to develop by yourself skip using plugin.

Rule 3: Search and list most used plugin

After analyse if use of plugin is mandatory search and prepare most used plugin list that satisfy your requirement.

Rule 4: Compare plugin features and select best one

Compare plugin by its user review, possible drawbacks, Browser compatibility, Process require to integration, Plugin size and also check customization process.

Rule 5: Check available option before customize

Don’t start direct customization without checking available option. E.g. using validation plugin and require validation for mobile number and when you check demo you not found mobile rule and start custom mobile rule.

For above case just check more available option from plugin documentation page, if not found from documentation than and then write custom code.

These rules are not any universal rules but sharing it based on my previous experience. Hope it helpful to web developer friends.