How to become a good programmer – 24+ tricks to improve coding level

How to become a good programmer. Code practive and analysis is key rule, but now a days for improve coding level need to follow tips and tricks to become a good programmer.

Programming field, where person have to always updated and expert in own area. Technology and programming practive improve and update day by day, too much fast.

So, How to become a good programmer? For develop own self and become better programmer, need to learn new technology – always update with new patter of development, but how?

Here is some useful point for stay update with new skills and technology, which improve programmer skills and make us good programmer.

How to become a good programmer
How to become a good programmer

Point for become a good programmer:

  1. Learn new technology related to own field or which useful in future
  2. Read and analyse other people code, e.g., Well developed libraries, Plugins, Frameworks
  3. Always keep it(code) simple
  4. Write post about your code
  5. Contribute in open source
  6. For bugs, Always try to fix it, not hack it
  7. Don’t think too much, write code with fun
  8. First try, if not get problem, take help and analyse solution, how other fix it
  9. Analyse process before start code
  10. Try to follow, programming standard as much as possible
  11. Continuous Learning
  12. Check your code first before looking to blame others
  13. Don’t be afraid to break things
  14. If you find new solution, try it, don’t think too much
  15. Learn and use code analysis tools
  16. Reading good blogs
  17. Writing unit test, if possible, it give full idea of your code
  18. Doing code review
  19. Discuss with fellow programmer
  20. Work on a side project
  21. Be clear for requirement before start code
  22. Do some activities, which makes you happy
  23. Do workout, Eat good food and Stay fit, Healthy mind create better code
  24. Always motivate yourself