33 jQuery 3 list of deprecated removed changed functionality

33 jquery 3 list of deprecated removed changed functionality
33 jquery 3 list of deprecated removed changed functionality

Working for migrate old jQuery to jQuery 3.0.0+. Here is jquery 3 list of deprecated removed changed functionality.

jQuery 3 deprecated removed changed functionality

  1. Attribute selector with ‘#’ must be quoted
  2. Attribute selector with ‘#’ was not fixed
  3. jQuery is not compatible with Quirks Mode
  4. jQXHR.success is deprecated and removed
  5. jQXHR.error is deprecated and removed
  6. jQXHR.complete is deprecated and removed
  7. jQuery.fn.error() is deprecated
  8. jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated
  9. jQuery.fn.unload() is deprecated
  10. deferred.pipe() is deprecated
  11. jQuery.fn.andSelf() is deprecated and removed, use jQuery.fn.addBack()
  12. jQuery.fn.size() is deprecated and removed, use the .length property
  13. jQuery.data() always sets/gets camelCased names
  14. jQuery.fn.removeAttr no longer sets boolean properties
  15. jQuery.fn.offset() requires a valid DOM element
  16. jQuery.fn.offset() requires an element connected to a document
  17. jQuery.param() no longer uses jQuery.ajaxSettings.traditional
  18. jQuery.swap() is undocumented and deprecated
  19. jQuery.fn.bind() is deprecated
  20. jQuery.fn.unbind() is deprecated
  21. jQuery.fn.delegate() is deprecated
  22. jQuery.fn.undelegate() is deprecated
  23. ‘ready’ event is deprecated
  24. Additional params for ‘jQuery.easing’ functions are not documented and redundant
  25. jQuery.parseJSON is deprecated; use JSON.parse
  26. jQuery.isNumeric() should not be called on constructed objects
  27. jQuery.unique is deprecated; use jQuery.uniqueSort
  28. jQuery.expr[‘:’] is deprecated, use jQuery.expr.pseudos
  29. jQuery.expr.filters is deprecated, use jQuery.expr.pseudos
  30. jQuery.fn.toggleClass( [ boolean ] ) is deprecated
  31. jQuery.event.props are deprecated and removed
  32. jQuery.event.props.concat() is deprecated and removed
  33. jQuery.event.fixHooks are deprecated and removed

For more detail and solution to particular change check jQuery Migrate Plugin – Warning Messages.