How to use Angular Material Datepicker

Angular Material Datepicker. <md-datepicker> is a component used to select a single date. Angular Material datepicker is to create a datepicker that adheres to Material Design principles and is flexible enough to work across different applications and in different locales.

<md-datepicker> is a component used to select a single date.

For information on how to configure internationalization for the date picker, see $mdDateLocaleProvider.

Angular Material Datepicker

This component supports ngMessages. Supported attributes are:

  • required: whether a required date is not set.
  • mindate: whether the selected date is before the minimum allowed date.
  • maxdate: whether the selected date is after the maximum allowed date.
  • debounceInterval: ms to delay input processing (since last debounce reset); default value 500ms

Usage of Angular Material Datepicker

<md-datepicker ng-model="birthday"></md-datepicker>

For more detail of attributes and usage click mdDatepicker API Documentation

Demo for Angular Material Datepicker

Demo Angular Material Datepicker for basic usage and validations. Demo Datepicker