Write post > Publish post > 5 views > End – Try 70 Viral blog post Rules for change boring schedule

Write post, Publish post, 5 views and End is 80% blogger life cycle for new post. If you want to change this boring cycle, try Viral post Rules. Rules means not magic that immediately change post visit 5 to 10 million, but it help to increase day by day.

So without waste your time lets show you rules list.

It’s normal rules and you may aware with most of them, but i am sure you will find some new helpful points in list.

List rules are common, but main rule i think is, dedication and self motivation to write great post, no matter if some post fails to get attention.

Viral blog post Rules
Viral blog post Rules

Viral blog post Rules

  1. Keyword optimize your post
  2. Add pictures next to key items
  3. Re-read your post to check for errors
  4. Create Quality Content
  5. Triggering Emotions
  6. Knowing your Audience
  7. Create great lists
  8. Incite awe and inspiration
  9. Are funny
  10. Share research, warnings and trends
  11. Create quizzes
  12. Focus on helping people to be successful
  13. Surprise people
  14. Get to Know Your Audience
  15. Make an Emotional Connection
  16. Build Sharing Into Your Campaign
  17. Get Your Audience to Create User Generated Content
  18. Make Your Content Useful Enough to Share
  19. Share Your Content at The Right Time
  20. Use Powerful Visuals
  21. Share Your Content With Powerful Influencers
  22. Master the target audience
  23. Select the appropriate social media platform
  24. Create content with high engagement
  25. Time content for maximum reach
  26. Boost visibility with advertising
  27. Measure performance to create better campaigns in the future
  28. Provide a clear call to action
  29. Draft content in section
  30. Post schedule
  31. Write what you like
  32. What users like and want – analyze by statistics
  33. Inspire
  34. Go for simple yet meaningful messages
  35. Content should be relevant
  36. Know your audience and their issues
  37. Be proactive in suggesting shared content
  38. Ride on trends
  39. Make posts safe for everyone
  40. Concentrate on a platform
  41. Post at the right schedules
  42. Submit to Digg
  43. Submit to Reddit
  44. Submit to StumbleUpon
  45. Post on Forums in niche
  46. Submit to Yahoo Buzz
  47. Submit to Delicious
  48. Post to Twitter
  49. Post to Facebook
  50. Post to Myspace. Myspace is dead, long live Myspace.
  51. Post to Google +
  52. Post to YouTube (if applicable)
  53. Submit to Technorati
  54. Post to Pinterest (if applicable)
  55. Post to LinkedIn
  56. Provide SEO keywords for images
  57. Directory submissions
  58. RSS directory submits
  59. Forum comments
  60. Relevant blog comments
  61. Social bookmarking
  62. Refer to posts on Yahoo! Answers
  63. Refer to posts on LinkedIn
  64. Refer to posts on Quora
  65. Press releases
  66. Link to our own past AND future blog posts
  67. Add to your email signature
  68. Add to your signature in forums
  69. Add to your next newsletter
  70. Request other bloggers to mention your post

All the best for your next post.

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